Serving Denver, CO and the Surrounding Areas

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Serving Denver, CO and the Surrounding Areas

+1(970) 989-3877

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Builders, Simplify Your Success with My Agile Architecture Solutions.

I will create a practical breakthrough for most of your fence-sitting under-inspired clients or new prospects. I began architecture counseling right out of Pratt School Of Architecture in 1976. I solved challenges for Osprey Homes in Ft. Collins, CO. I engaged their clients by listening to their needs and desires. Together with them, I draw plans and 3-D sketches with clients' immediate feedback to refine the design. I collaborated with the builder, Reid Rosenthal, between the 2 or 3 client design sessions. His clients got their custom home builders the permit-ready documents he could profit from. I refined this approach for 44 years & offer it to you as Agile Architecture Solutions; this will be your most efficient tool.

I'll streamline your project completion to get you started right and finish right. See the link below for more about the Agile project management method.

Project example: The above photos and more in the Gallery are of a builder's own family home at Stamford, CT's shoreline. Together we developed finished plans, elevations and 3-D sketches in 3 working sessions. I produced contract docs in six weeks. (References are available).

Agile Architecture Solutions method: You are my client, and I am your agent to your client. All 3 parties are our Agile team. Our team sets the goals of the project. We all have our creative and practical input in the matter. That's how we make quick decisions and adjustments that refine the design to achieve your Clients best solution. This happens in a fraction of the time and cost of remote designing architects.

Our team is your client, you and me. Our goal is to find creative, practical solutions. It works! I would like to get acquainted in person to learn and understand your goals, values, and preferences before meeting with your client. Together, we form a team with your clients, where your leadership, with my creativity and the client's preferences, guides us towards solutions. We can employ this Agile method or your project management style. I am sure you are going to find me an asset. Please think about clients and projects that I can help get moving forward for you.

Contract options: The Agile method can also make feasible a collaborative or a negotiated contract for construction. That will can deter low bidding messes & lower quality.

My services, including Agile Design Solutions, are offered on an hourly basis. I also provide and combine other services listed. Please contact me to meet.

Rates: Meeting with you is free. At the first design session with your client, if there is no synergy together all will know and there is no charge for the session. If we move forward, it’s included in the $180 per hour billable time. After 5 hours the hourly fee drops, to $150 per hour for the remainder of the project. If I work directly with you on any project, then your flat rate is $150 per hour with no extra costs.

Sincerely, Darek Shapiro, Architect AIA BBEI.