Serving Denver, CO and the Surrounding Areas


Serving Denver, CO and the Surrounding Areas



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Builders, Simplify Your Success, When Working With Agile Design Solutions.

Let me create a creative & practical breakthrough’s for any of your fence sitting under-inspired clients, or new prospects. I first accomplished this in Fort Collins CO on my first job after graduating Pratt School Of Architecture in 1976. It was to solve client design issues for Osprey Homes. Their Clients would not go ahead without desirable, home designs. I engaged these clients by designing with them. The builder, Reid Rosenthal gave us periodic input for bugeting. I satisfied both clients with custom home designs & building permit ready sets documents in about 4 weeks. That collaborative breakthrough process, I continued to hone over the next 46 years. I offer it to you as a service called Agile Design Solutions, This is a most efficient tool for you to experiment with, for streamlining your projects completion. See link below for more about Agile design.

Example: The above photos & more in the Gallery are of a Builders family home on CT’s shoreline. Together we developed finished plans in 3 working sessions, then I produced contract docs in six weeks. (References are available.) You the builder are my client. We & your client are a team. You take the lead. Our goal is finding creative & practical solutions. We can usie Agile or your own project management preference as our guiding method.

You & I can get acquainted, by meeting to discuss your work, values & preferences. to hear & understand what is most important to each of us. You may find me a valuable asset. You can think about clients & projects that you think I can help move along if you have one.

At their site, I ask your clients for their needs, their impression of the site & their desires. After listening to their feedback and observing the site, I discuss my observations & ideas. If they are interested, I deftly sketch scaled plans & 3-D views on paper, capturing each idea we created together. We throw some out & discover new vital elements & combine them into the designs. I can create 2 or 3 creative accurate schematic Designs in 2 to 6 hours. Then we all meet for your criticism, construction options & range of costs. A realtor can evaluate it for the resalable value. The changes approved by client are completed when Clients & I begin Preliminary Design. Again with Agile, I can complete this in 1 or 2 days. Then you can offer suggestions, options & budgeting suggestions. I will complete structural, landscape, interior & the final Design drawings. Bldg Dept doc.’s can be ready in a month.

We can meet & get acquainted, My time & costs to complete design with Agile are consistently 1/3 that of traditional, remote design, with its typical wait-times, guess-work, changes & loss of momentum.
Note: Agile can provide you a collaborative, or a negotiated contract for construction. It avoids getting in a low bidding mess & low quality.

Three other Design Methodologies are featured on this website I can perform any of the other 3 Services alone, or by combining, their methods & features seamlessly for you & your Clients best results. You or your client can keep all the ideas and work produced, to do with whatever you wish, after payment. If requested I will carefully complete all design specifications & construction documents. I can also continue with you and Client to help making decisions. Please see below for the terms.

Services: Agile Design Solutions is one of my hourly stand-alone services. I can perform any of the other 3 Services on this website, either singularly, or as usual by combining, methods and features seamlessly as necessary, for best results. You or your client can keep all the ideas and work produced, to do with whatever you wish, after payment. If requested I will carefully complete all design, specifications & construction documents. I will continue with you and your clients for budgeting & construction decisions. See link below for more about Agile design.

Rates: Meeting with you is free. At the first design session with your client, if there is no synergy together all will know and there is no charge for the session. If we move forward, it’s included in the $180 per hour billable time. After 5 hours the hourly fee drops, to $150 per hour for the remainder of the project. If I work directly with you on any project, then your flat rate is $150 per hour with no extra costs.

Deposit: If your clients or you choose to wait, or make other arrangements, they can pay 25% more for full ownership, to keep & use the drawings as wished. If you would like to discuss this productive approach, please contact me for a free virtual 20 minute conversation. Sincerely, Darek Shapiro, Architect AIA BBEI.

Link FYI to learn about: What is Agile Design Methodology & How To Apply It.

As an example of what I can do for you, take a matterport walk through of 'a most extraordinary home' I designed and furnished In El jebel, Eagle County CO.

Virtual Walk Through