Protect Your Family’s Future With Net-Zero Energy & Wild Fire Defense.

Here is why Energy conservation is the cheapest and still untaped energy source left on Earth. About 22% of all USA’s destructive greenhouse gasses (GHG) are from residential heating & cooling. 95% of these existing homes are & under-insulated & they might remain that way. Can we save money while protecting ourselves from the climate crises? E.V.’s, renewable energy & energy conservation will work. My focus is the lowest hanging fruit, the older energy inefficient, structures. Energy savings I claim to achieve below will vary, due to your climate, the conservation measure’s performance & available cash incentives. Step one : Learn how to reduce 60% to 80% of heating & cooling costs on existing homes & 70% more than new code built homes. Then use the money saved, to pay it off in 5 to 8 years. Here are 11 solutions to increase our odds for slowing & eventually reversing the climate crises.

1) Of all known methods, the quickest ROI, is insulating the outside of your homes sheathing, with rock wool & a fire resistant finish or 2+ inches of dense foam with a 1” thick stucco fire resistant finish. Add roof insulation on top of your attics floor deck & finish with 1 hour fire resistant materials This prevents heat from moving outside through the homes exterior wood structural members in winter. Heat also moves inside in summer through the same wood members. 2) You can cut back 40 to 70% energy waste with an outer continuous insulating envelope. It also forms the equally important air & watertight infiltration barrier. 3) To repeat your new envelope can also add one hour fire rated, wild fire resistance. The left photo was once a 30 year old double-wide FHA home near Carbondale, CO. I remodeled it, to prototype a R-30 insulation & stucco system. Interior photos of it in Gallery will surprise you. It has a Home Energy Rating Score of 50, 50% more efficient than new code built homes. Seal & insulate any Crawl spaces, to more quickly achieve these savings and warm foot comfort. The home in photo on the right, has 3” of dense SPF foam sprayed outside the original plywood sheathing, then we applied one hour fire protective stucco walls. This, plus foam for their their attic, reduced their fuel consumption 70%. If you can you use a stunning new outer finish, I can design & specify them with you. 4) Other values: Appreciation of your home can be taken into account if it is sold. You will also qualify for lower cost fire insurance. 5) Exterior Envelopes add 3”to 4” to your outer wall resulting in about 3% more sellable floor area, plus a very attractive & more substantial appearance.

6 more good reasons to decarbonize. 6) With 50% to 80% better insulation, you can down-size new, high efficiency HVAC electric heat pumps by 50% to 70%. 7) Power your heat pumps with PV solar on site, or with grid-tied PV. 8) Provide your domestic hot water with thermal- solar- panels. It’s rebates again pay for half. By now you will have reached Net Zero energy. Combine the measures #6),7), & 8) with the new CO & Federal, 40% first cost heat pump-HVAC, equipment & other incentives. This is to help purchase HVAC and insulation. You can add from 70% to 85% in energy savings costs per year. If financed, the savings can pay it all back in 5 to 8 Years. 9) Breath fresh air 24-7 with an energy recovery ventilator. It saves both energy & health, by venting radon, air-born toxins & pollen. 10) From my experience large HEPA incoming air filters, with activated charcoal pre-filter, will filter out heavy smoke from wild fires. 11) A homes S. facing overhangs shade high summer sun. The low winter sun, beams under roof overhangs, through windows & warms a homes tiled slab floors. The slabs releases that heat inside at night. It is called,“passive solar heating”.

If you are thinking about a life sustaining home and your planet, I’d love to help. Let me cut your energy costs & make you home safer. You will help protect all of our children’s future on Planet Earth. Here is how I can help you. My energy consulting & remediation design work costs money to provide you with multiple, big benefits. I charge $180 per hour. After 3 hours of work in the same day, the cost of service drops to $150 per hr for the remainder of the project. Our drafting is at $90 per hour. If at the outset there is no synergy between us, there is no charge for the meeting, otherwise the time is included. Please contact me. I can answer your questions in a free conversation. Sincerely, Darek Shapiro, architect. It’s best to call the above number Here are some resourceful URL’s below.

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