Rethink - Home As A Spa Environment That Works For Your Health.

Deteriorating health is not normal when you can live toxin & stress free as long as possible. On this tightly packed page, are remedies that will prevent or resolve each of the health challenges listed below. Toxins find pathways through our lungs, mouth, eyes, skin, & blood stream. Since I’m an architect not a doctor, I studied toxicology to both prevent & heal by detoxifying with nutrients. I became a Building Biology Environmental Inspector in1995 (BBEI) to protect people through design & by ridding toxins & EMF’s (electro-magnetic fields) & other stressors from living spaces. Here are 15 ways to protect yourselves. First of all, busy roads & industry creates toxic chemical & particulate air pollutants called soot, that causes respiratory illnesses. Use your nose before selecting a home or apt. If outside air, or new indoor toxins are present, like floor glue, finishes & paints, you can smell them. Closing windows keep particulates out. Then your indoor air may become, more toxic. Solutions #1) Don’t move there! If you must, a high efficiency particulate filter (HEPA) with a charcoal pre-filter, removes chemical & mercury laden soot, sulphur dioxide & air-born pesticides & pollen. 2) A negative ion generator adds electrons to air that neutralize, positive-charged ions that would have impeded your oxygen uptake. Neg-ions re-oxygenate air & precipitate soot to the floor. 3 )For Plants that clean air, see URL below. Use #1, 2 & 3 to create healthy clear air. #4) Add more Day-lighting with windows, sky-lights & light-tubes. In home (above left) a tall atrium replaced attic space. Full spectrum lamps (FS) will brighten up, without daylight. FS light raises spirits in children’s play areas, a gym & work space. 5) Dance or use your gym 3 to5 X a day for at least a minute to start. This rids stress, sleepiness & regenerates mental & physical health. 6) Don’t sleep in electric fields. Our bodies run on the same 60 Hz frequency as 110 VAC electric wiring. EMF’s interfere with our endocrine hormones. At night, our pineal gland, sees electricity as light & can’t produce melatonin. Five solutions: A) Take oral Melatonin. Use a 3 to10 mg tab of 3/4 hr. before bed. B) It’s better to remove the electric fields by replacing common plastic clad Romex cable, with (MC) metal clad cable. C) Use electric-field shielding paint & ground it. D) Keep all the AC cords away from bed areas. E) To remove magnetic fields, a Building Biologist will find them & it can be removed by an electrician. see URL below 7) If high> low frequencies bother you or electronics, wrap a faraday cage around a home, or room & cover it with a finish. Run it across attic. Then ground it. 8) Who needs pesticides? Boric Acid kills roaches & wasps. Spray on raw wood to prevents & kill termites & carpenter ants. 9) Get your home or apt.tested for radon gas & for lead in its water. Old homes, had lead service pipes & until 1986 lead solder was used to join pipes. It may still be there. An RO filter with activated, charcoal pre-filter for your water removes chemicals, lead & harmful by-products of chlorine. 10, Prevent condensation the #1 cause of mold. Completely air seal all of the buildings outer envelope & use sufficient insulation designed for your climate.
11) Mold, Leaky plumbing is one source. If smelled, or seen, it may get worse fast. What to do? a) ASAP, mechanically vent that space to outdoors b) Keep out of that areas, or all the way out. c) Have it tested, for type immediately. d) Have it remediated. #12) Geopathic stress, starts as non ionized radiation rising up from deep underground. It gets ionized, by passing upward through underground water veins in rock. It is hazardous to sleep above an active vein. This can be found and moved by a competent dowser. 13) Are you more curious ? Below are URL’s to discover how to maintain your health & immunity. I am Darek Shapiro, Architect. I’m available for questions, design, inspections & counsel. My Rate is $180 per hr. dropping to $150 per hr after 6 hrs. I offer discounts for hardship cases.

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