Introduction Hello, I’m architect, Darek Shapiro. Thank you for looking into how you can live with more health & inspiration. I grew up in the “concrete jungles” of NYC. I sought out building using natures forms, daylight & clean air. It led me to create them & found this company in 1983 to design with these life sustaining solutions for all animals and our planet. In 1984 A.S.U. physics prof. Dan Heim, had me design a home with him, that is now called Net-Zero. We used his physics for the AZ. home above. Dan just did new energy experiments at his desert home. His new, website’s URL is at page bottom.

Since then I strove to re-balance human objectives with that of natures & even with its extremes. I recently developed & built with insulating, fire resistant envelopes, seen in the photos of 3 stucco finished homes. All images here are of works with clients, or family. Most chose to continue with me after an initial working meeting because I don’t impose my ideas. My mission is the making of creative architecture with your help, to match the purpose of your project. I keep no secret how it is done. Here are 4 methods to help you to live a good life in the best quality and most beautiful, sustainable home.

1) Agile Design Solutions is amazing synergy of Agile, a project management method, combined with creative design counseling. We work together, as a team. I carefully listen to your criteria & desires in one or more productive design sessions. Considering each others ideas. I look for your’e feedback as I quickly pencil sketch them. Some are combined with better ones until we have at least 2 creative buildable, plans & 3-D sketch solutions the project, for you to test out. Agile Design is accurate & inexpensive compared with remote designing, as it eliminates guesswork & delays. It is an hourly stand alone service, All ideas & drawings we make, can be yours to use as you wish. Agile Design differs for Builders, Home-seekers or for a Realtor.

2) Conservation pays you back, plus many value bonuses. The most dramatic improvement are from insulating envelopes. Some also offer 1 hour wild fire protection outside of your home. They can curtail the climate crises & your energy needs 50% less than new code built homes. Then you need only half of the heat or cooling as before from new efficient HVAC heat Pumps with new federal & CO gov., subsidies so you save 35% on that. You net 75%+ yearly savings as long as you use it. For an existing home, the savings are just as good. All of this will cut your carbon footprint in half, while increasing your homes resilience, silence & comfort and increased value and appeal.

3) Live free from EMF’s, toxic air, water, mold and geopathic stress at home. Preserve health by enjoying the indoors, by creating a health spa environment. It’s designed with the safest construction details, healthy Building- Biology design techniques & fresh air energy saving technology. Live with better comfort, sleep & energy. As a Building Biology Environmental Inspector I’m qualified to find the health stressors listed above. I can neutralize almost all of them with help of other pro’s

4) Be amazed by tried & true potent ways to enrich your life & productivity. I can show you what at first can seem mysterious, 3000 years worth of architects design tools that they discovered in nature called, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra. All are empirically derived, sacred ratios & design clues, that are inherent in nature’s practical designs in all its forms. You can feel their seamless balance & harmony they create in your home.

Link: See Professor Dan Heim’s educational site, https://www.heimhenge.com. Click on Heimhenge at menu’s bottom for Net-Zero methods.
Link: to fascinating Matterport
https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=WfLbRrszguV A Green home for my family, I built from a small house.