Realtors & Their Clients Benefit From Decisions Made With Agile Design Solutions.

This architect has helped many realtors to make a sale. Here is how I will help you too.

Looking at this from the aspect of you, as a buyers representative, you are aware of how hard it can be for your client to decide to make an offer on a property. They often love it, yet must reject it because the home doesn’t quite work for them. Within one hour with them, I can point out how the property could be altered to fit their needs using rough plans & sketches to reveal what it will look like. They may then consider it worth buying. If they desire another property & check out that one for a fit, the choice may clear their conflict & motivate a decision. They may feel lucky they helped find a diamond in the rough & say “We’ll make an offer,”“We’ll need estimates for the work,” or “Lets check another property, this way”. The above images are of a CT property. My client Judd, is a Builder. He & his wife in our 2nd design session, saw me draw the above sketch from our plans. He bought the property. We finished design & he built the house.

A listing Agent, can also ease their clients objections with revealing, improvement sketch & plan. With more clarity, clients feel & act more decisively & can say: “Sell it with the drawings,” “We will improve, then sell it”, or possibly “We’re remodeling it for ourselves”. Some realtors do this, by having me look at their home first. If you choose, we can meet together with your client at the site, or you can tell me about the area & reasonable highest & lowest values for budgeting. If your clients are too far away to meet, I will work with camera to virtually bring the site & the sketch designs, to them. If it is a local property, I’d like to first observe it.

How it is done: With your client, I will examine the property with them, listening to their likes, dislikes & their wishes. I ask questions to focus on big issues to solve. With their feedback I deftly draw scaled plans & 3-D sketch views of solutions. Their input guides my sensitive drawing interpretation of their criteria. I will provide clients with 2 on site, scaled schematic, design solutions on paper within 2 to 5 hours. It works much faster with a survey, plans, photos or HOA covenants.

If your clients response to the solutions are positive, ask if they would like to discuss it together with a builder to critique their project & inform them with a range of costs for each of the solutions. If they are interested, you can set up an Agile Design team meeting with all attending. This meeting would be a good time to ask for their decision. That is because your Client will have their own professional team, help them answer questions & provide viewpoints from broad experience.

Rates: At the first session, if there is no synergy, then there is no charge for the session. If we move forward, the time is included in the $180 per hour billable. If we work 6 hours in one day my fee drops, to $150 per hour and remains there for the duration of my architecture work to complete their project, if they want that.
Services: Agile is my stand alone service. If requested I will carefully complete all the architecture work with a separate equitable contract. The drawings & ideas can become the clients, with no strings attached. They can decide if they want to continue with me, or let another architect or builder finish the work.
Deposit: If clients, choose to wait or make other arrangements, they can pay 25% more to have full ownership, to use the drawings as they wish.
A conversation: Feel like tackling a challenge facing you? Your questions are welcome at a free virtual, or in-person meeting, Sincerely, Darek Shapiro.
Link FYI about: What is Agile Design Methodology & How To Apply It.
Link: to Scrolling Matterport video of my dynamic Feng Shui Palace home, remodeled from a smaller one.