Boost up your living, with Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra, combined in energizing design synergy.

Why I use Sacred Geometry? As an architect student I was curious that in some buildings I felt good & inspired and in others I felt stressed and odd. I went to study Sacred Geometry in Italy for 9 months to learn how ancient architects used ratios and geometric forms as design tools. They discovered the ratios & geometry that is intrinsic to all natures forms. The natural word is built on its structural integrity & efficiency. This produces the beautiful shapes and rhythms we admire and forms of our bodies. In your hands you can feel the progressively smaller bones from wrist joint to finger tips. Each bone uses a ratio of 1 the larger bone to .618 the adjacent smaller bone. This is how these architects learned to compose enlivened & harmonious structures. Most used that 1 to .618, ratio known as The Golden Mean to create the proportions of plan, elevation and volumes. This balances the shapes & rhythm in their architecture. Both simple and complex composition of pure geometric shapes are even more magnificent when properly composed together in the design when using the ratio. This offers one the freedom to experiment in designing forms & spaces with confidence. If properly thought out for the designs functions it will likely, look and feel great inside and out.

I had challenging design obstacles often that were unmovable. I wondered if I could solve these design issues by using- “Feng Shui.” These are the 2 Chinese words for the flowing elements of wind & water. I first met with a Feng Shui Master in 1991. He took me walking to where we could see a small tree in a sunny clearing in a dense wooded area. He said “This little tree has good Feng Shui. It has space & light to grow.” That made clear design sense to me & I began my study of Feng Shui.with him. F. Y. I., Feng Shui is a 3000 year ongoing empirical study, of recording the cause & effect that a site & built structures have on its inhabitants. Like your ancestors living in different places, your place also needs to be productive & safe. I like to use Feng Shui’s Form School methods to diagnose homes & its site to see where I can increase protective & strengthening Chi, (energy) It’s also easy for others to recognize and understand how it will help them. I do this by making adjustments to, or adding & subtracting a home & sites elements, forms and shapes. I can block & remove disruptive obstacles that produce “Sha Chi. That is felt from clutter, narrow passages & blockages, acute angles or big heavy things above. Some are imposed from outside ones site. Clearing them will create more harmony. From a practical viewpoint, relying on good Chi wont fulfill your dreams for you. Instead use good Chi for self empowering & mustering clarity & skills to go for what you need & want. Then, you will feel where your’e home is boosting you up & where it is not.

In Northern India, I had some inner-eye opening experiences in some homes & buildings. Their “dwelling teachings”, in the Hindi language is called 'Vastu Shastra'. It has stricter design symmetry than the above disciplines, while still still being grounded in natures forms. For example a grand door entry welcomes one to safely discover more about themself at a home. The lotus flower I discovered beautifully symbolizes ones soul dwelling in the heart. It is further represented by a homes central space, the heart of the home. That space is open from 1st floor into a cupola in the roof & called “Brahmasthan”. When I apply the above 3 philosophies when i feel they empower the design, each will pay tribute to the others in creating design harmony. They will also adapt to your projects concrete & functional, design-criteria, including difficult sites building & local zoning codes. This lets us do what mundane architecture design cannot, sto overcome these limitations.

Please see links below learn more than I had room for you to see here about these design philosophies. The last URL is a link to a scrolling video of the home in the above photos.

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Matterport video of a fascinating, home I designed using this synergy, I also built & furnished it.